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Photo Pages

Welcome to my small but growing collection of caving related photos. I have quite a few pictures on my computer but haven't yet found the time to organize them for the web site - maybe over Christmas. Unless otherwise noted I (Bob Robins) took all the photos with my Kodak DC 280 digital camera. Where photos are attributed to another photographer, that individual retains the copyright. Click on the to see thumbnails of the images and click on a thumbnail to see a larger version.

  • Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp - Photos from July/August 2002. From July 21st to July 27th I was Senior Counselor for a small group of boys on a Caving skill patch week. Over the course of a week we visited several West Virginia caves, including Blood Cave and Kee Cave in Pendleton County and Bowden Cave, Stillhouse Cave & Sinks of Gandy in Randolph County. I returned to camp on August 5th to lead another, larger group through Stillhouse and Sinks of Gandy.
    • Kee Cave - Several pictures inside the cave and some entrance photos.
    • Bowden Cave - A few pictures from the front section of the cave between the Watercourse and Main Entrance.
    • Stillhouse Cave - Pictures taken at both entrances and a few pictures inside the cave.
    • Sinks of Gandy - Pictures of the main entrance and outside the downstream exit.

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